In lookbook masculine Zara

Zara Lookbook Favourites

 Andava a passear pelo site da Zara e decidi partilhar com vocês os meus looks favoritos.

I was browsing around Zara's website and I thought it would be cool to share with you my favourite looks.

Acho os looks das crianças tão fofos! Especialmente o da rapariguinha, parece uma senhora em ponto pequeno. Adoro mesmo! Se houvesse o meu tamanho usava!

I think the kids looks are so cute! Specially the little girl, she looks like a little woman. Really like it! If they had it in my size I would wear it!

Embora goste de looks masculinos acho que o lookbook da Zara está demasiado "recheado" deles. Há que haver alguma feminilidade!

Although I like masculine looks I think Zara has overfiled their lookbook with them. You need a little female touch to servive!



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3 comentários:

Joanna S. disse...

gorgeous photos !
this girl is so cute :)

Anónimo disse...

i'm in love with that little girl, that's super cute... and i'm definitely going to zara to get those leather pants and the olive-green coat. very cool.

Anónimo disse...

Love the outfits... I love Zara haha
Xx so