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Outfit- Pool Party

Vestido/Dress: H&M
Camisa/Shirt: H&M
Colar/Necklace: Springfield
Sandálias/Sandals: Stradivarius

Aqui estão algumas fotos que tiramos no parque do Duna Beach a semana passada. Fiquei muito satisfeita com o meu "outifit". Simples e ao mesmo tempo marcava a diferença. Esses são os conjuntos de que mais gosto. Por esse motivo achei que vos devia mostrar estas fotos e também porque me elogiaram muito o vestido. Espero que gostem, eu diverti-me bastante. É só isso, até á próxima!

These are some pictures we took in the parking lot at the Pool Party we went to last week. I was really pleased with my outfit. It was just so simple but at the same time it made a statement. I think those are the best outits. I also got lots of compliments on it so, althought the pistures aren't amazing I thought I had to show you. Hope you enjoy them, I had a really great time. That's it, see ya around peeps!



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11 comentários:

Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST disse...

Love it!! I really want to go to a pool party

Le Blonde disse...

O vestido é bem giro e gosto sempre de ver outfits com camisa de ganga! :)

Anónimo disse...

very pretty!! love it!
xx s

Katie disse...

Love your dress, stunning! xo

Fashion Dream disse...

O look está muito giro :D

3ate4 disse...

Loving the shirt.

Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) disse...

love the simplicity of this outfit. perfect.

Stacee disse...

Love your outfit! Casual and pretty :)


world on high heels disse...

nice look :) like your dress&shirt

TheMadTwins disse...

That's an amazing outfit for a pool party :)


Mia's Little Corner disse...

Lovely flower dress!! Looks beautiful!!:D

Stop by some time:D