In blanco H and M look of the day Mango outfit of the day stradivarius

Outfit- Floating Around Town

 Saia/Skirt: H&M
Top: Blanco
Mala/Handbag: Mango
Colar/Necklace: Springfield
Sandálias/Sandals: Stradivarius

Fotografias tiradas pela Joana, podes encontrá-la aqui.

Pictures taken by Joana and you can find her here.



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5 comentários:

Jess disse...

Great striped top. It works so well with the nude skirt :)

Anónimo disse...

love it

Katie disse...

Great outfit, you look gorgeous! xo

minnja disse...

Lovely outfit!


Mona M. disse...

your outfit is gorgeous,dear!
Have a beautyful day<3