In H and M HM look of the day outfit of the day stradivarius

Outfit- New Stuff


Vestido/Dress- H&M
Mala/Bag- Mango
Sandalias/Sandals- Stradivarius
Colar/Necklace- Parfois
Pulseiras/Bangles- Parfois

Resumindo: Fiz umas comprinhas e aqui está o resultado. A mala já viram antes, tudo o resto é novo. Estava tudo em promoção excepto as sandálias. Gosto muito desde conjunto. O que é que acham?

Really short story even shorter: I went on a little shopping spree and this is what I got. The bag you've already seen, everything else is new. Everything was on promotion except the shoes. I'm very happy with this outfit, I really like it. What do you think?



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10 comentários:

Abi disse...

I think your outfit is full of pretties. Love the bracelets but the necklace is especially gorgeous. I like how the colours perfectly complement your dress.

Anula disse...

Great outfit!! I love your dress!

EevvaStyle disse...

really love this outfit!

Alison disse...

love the necklace, and the sandals are so perfect! very cute

<3 Alison

Snow Black disse...

So serene and beautiful. Wish I was there ;)

Ann disse...

Nice outfit.

And I'm lovin' your necklace and bracelets.

emily disse...

love the outfit, especially the sandals! definitely a pair i'd get for myself, i really like the woven style :)

Fashion Cappuccino disse...

Such a lovely summer outfit! The color is so flattering on you! xoxoxoo

Tonya disse...

Cute and simple, I love the necklace!! And the color of the dress is wonderful.

Anónimo disse...

I like the new changes on your blog! Looks great and so do you! Xx