Inspire me + up date

Meu Deus! Tenho sido uma blogger terrível. Mas não consigo arranjar mais de 10 minutos para me sentar e concentrar numa coisa e estou a entrar em stress. Por outro lado hoje fui às compras depois do trabalho (heyyy) Comprei alguma coisinhas com as quais estou muito contente. Não consigo encontrar nenhuma delas na net para vos mostrar, por isso vão ter de esperar.

God! I've been a bad bad blogger. I just can't get round to sitting down for more then 10 minutes and it sucks. On the other hand I've been shopping today after work. (heeyyy) I bought a few things that I'm very happy with. I can't find any of the things I got on the internet, so you'll have to wait.
Now I'll shut up and you can feel inspired by the awesome pics.

All pics from Fashion Gone Rogue

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6 comentários:

Roxy Heart disse...

Great photos!

Tassos P disse...

Very beautiful photos and looks! Inspiration flows!
I just love that second pic!

Anónimo disse...

love your blog.
check out mine:

hope you will follow me:)

TheMadTwins disse...

Is the first picture from penelope cruz? I love her so much! I think she very pretty :P
Love the post

Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) disse...

I love that first pic. Very chic and erotic! Very lovely Lucia!

Miksu disse...

I'm so jealous, you live in Portugal!! It would be like a paradise for me! And the second photo is wow. I like it much!

Greetings from Finland!