In look of the day outfit of the day

Skipped the trend untill now!

Um conjunto simples, fui só à cidade fazer umas coisinhas muito rápido, incluindo inscrever-me na escola de condução!!! E prontos finalmente aderi à moda dos oculos, agora que ela já esta a ficar fora de moda. Tenho a tendencia a atrazar-me um bocadinho haha

A really simple outfit, just to run some errands in town, including signig up for my driving license!!!! And yes I finally adopted the geek glasses trend. I´m always late with things like this, I don't konw why. I think it's because I like things but when they're too popular I don't want to be one more, so I wait until everybody gives it up so that I can start wearing it hahah



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4 comentários:

Stacey Kay disse...

I like these glasses on you! Love your shoes also.

Stacey Kay
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ChiccaStyle disse...

You look great!

are you dressing up or dressing down disse...

darling outfit. love the specs and the boots.

Helen, X

Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) disse...

I think the geek glasses look very chic on you:)