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Mean Kitty

Hoje é dia de famosos, mas decidi armar-me em estrela, e a famosa sou eu! haha Teve um dia chuvoso, e frio e por isso tive de tirar fotos dentro de casa. Bem já tá e espero que gostem na mesma :)

Today is celebrity day, but I've decided to be the celeb haha! It was a horrible day, rainy and cold so because of that I had to take pictures inside. Hope you like them anyway :)

Esta é a Mia, a minha gatinha e ela está a fazer cara de má, mas adoro-a de qualquer maneira!
This is my little kitty! Her name is Mia and she's doing are mean face, but I love her anyway!

Blusa: Feira da Ladra; Calções: Bershka; Colar: não sei; Lenço: Mãe; Sapatos: Calçado Guimarães
Sweater: Thifted; Shorts: Bershka; Necklace: don't remember; Scarf: Mum's; Shoes: Calçado Guimarães

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10 comentários:

Henar disse...

Aww, this is beautiful !!
I love it !! ♥



LaU disse...

great outfit!!

potpie du monde disse...

Great photos & chic outfit!! Love your blog! Maegan disse...

I hate when the weather forces me to take photos inside!! ...but you still look adorable ;)

devorelebeaumonstre. disse...

love your sweater.. & your kitty! x

ChiccaStyle disse...

You look great!!!

Fashion Cappuccino disse...

Very cute and comfy for staying in when it rains! Mia is adorable! I love her face, haha :-) xoxoxoo

Sarah disse...

I love that jumper! These pics are ace :D xx

Lorena disse...

great ouftit and amazing sweater!

The Styleograph disse...

oh interessting shoes! cool

The Styleograph